Thank you for visiting our website and your
interest in the sport of Schutzhund.

MVSV is a full member club of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America. We train, compete and promote the sport of Schutzhund, the integrity and abilities of our working breed dogs and the benefits of Schutzhund as a tool for breeding future working dogs.

MVSV is a competitive club, our members have trialed successfully on the regional, national and international levels. The club itself was formed in 1987; some of our members have been in the sport for over 15 years.

MVSV members work together as a team to help each other train their dog to their full potential. Formal club training occurs twice a week in summer and three times a week in winter. Anyone interested in the sport or joining the club is welcome to Saturday training.
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Please contact us for more information. The Joining the Club page has complete information on visiting the club and becoming a member.

The sport of Schutzhund is open to any dog capable of doing the work regardless of parentage. Purebred or mixed bred. GSD or Labrador. With that said, it is very rare for a dog that does not come from working bloodlines to succeed in this sport. It's possible, it does happen but it's rare. It is also very rare for an adult dog not raised in the sport, for the sport,
to succeed in this sport.

MVSV Contact Information: Angeli Modjeski, 612-724-4683,




There will be no training Saturday June 8th...

Starting April 6th we will be training at the Scott County Fairgrounds in Jordan starting at 10:00, Check out our Events/Schedule page for more details.